XYplorer 20.80.0500

XYplorer 20.80.0500


XYplorer 20.80.0500, you can get a fairly advanced file manager that works on all versions of Windows, starting with 98 and ending with the newest. The developer writes that this is a worthy replacement for the standard conductor - this is certainly true, but I think it's not quite right to compare anything with the conductor.
XYplorer has a system of tabs, thanks to which you can quickly navigate through the necessary sections of the hard drive, I really like it in Total, it is implemented really conveniently, I always have five tabs open. This program has a fairly powerful mechanism for searching files, I didn’t use it myself, I don’t know what power it is, but I think that it searches for files quickly and accurately, most likely we are talking about this. Among other things, XYplorer can preview multimedia files - this can be called a plus, I tried it, everything works one hundred percent, great. Please note that XYplorer can work with HEX and ASCII files, more precisely view them, you can edit MP3 tags, and you also have a large number of tools to customize the appearance of program windows, change color, folder style, and so on.
I also liked that the manager does not leave entries in the system registry when working on the computer, which is why you can run the program from any flash drive, you must agree this is a worthy plus. Moving through folders with images, XYplorer is able to show you thumbnails of pictures, you can also view both installed and uninstalled TrueType and Type-1 font files, you can work with office files and print them, all selected files will contain a maximum of information for yourself. XYplorer can export data to CSV formats, if you need to change the font size, and do it on the fly, then this is also quite realistic, there is also full integration into the Windows shell, that is, Explorer. Here is such a powerful development before you, I hope that XYplorer is useful to you, I personally liked the tool, do not forget to register it, otherwise it will extort money from you.

Developer: Donald Lessau
License: ShareWare
Language: Multi + English
Size: 4 MB
OS: Windows

4.8 MB
rar archive

Download Link:

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