Android Paid Apps Daily Pack [13/10/2020]

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Android Paid Apps Daily Pack [13/10/2020]

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Android Paid Apps Daily Pack [13/10/2020]
Requirements: Android 4.1+
The best paid android apps chosen from the releases on play store in recent day

Advanced Tools Pro v2.1.4 build 95 - TryRoom.apk
Audials Radio Pro v8.7.6-0-gdfb431f63 - TryRoom.apk
BaconReader Premium for Reddit v5.8.8 - TryRoom.apk
Borealis - Icon Pack v2.50.0 - TryRoom.apk
CHIC - Icon Pack v0.3 - TryRoom.apk
Comics - Icon Pack v1.0.1 - TryRoom.apk
Cryptomator v1.5.10 - TryRoom.apk
DiskDigger Pro file recovery v1.0-pro-2020-10-10 - TryRoom.apk
Duo Icon Pack v2.9.0 - TryRoom.apk
Dusk KWGT v2020.Oct.11.20 - TryRoom.apk
Equalizer Pro v2.19.01 - TryRoom.apk
File Manager Pro for TV Wear Cloud USB OTG Cast v4.3.0 - TryRoom.apk
FolderSync Pro v3.0.20 build 20200100003 - TryRoom.apk
Hera Dark Icon Pack - Circle Shaped Dark Icons v3.4 - TryRoom.apk
Hera Icon Pack - Circle Icons v4.1 - TryRoom.apk
HiPER Calc Pro v8.0.4 build 133 - TryRoom.apk
Ink&Paper Handwrite PDF Notes v5.5.4 - TryRoom.apk
Inventory & Barcode scanner & WIFI scanner v6.81 - TryRoom.apk
iOS Widgets for KWGT v3.0 - TryRoom.apk
LectureNotes v2.9.2 - TryRoom.apk
MIDI Voyager Pro v5.4.11 - TryRoom.apk
My CookBook Pro v5.1.40 - TryRoom.apk
Nova Dark Icon Pack - Rounded Square Shaped Icons v3.6 - TryRoom.apk
Nova Icon Pack - Rounded Square Icons v4.1 - TryRoom.apk
Office Documents Viewer v1.29.7 - TryRoom.apk
Password Manager Store & Manage Passwords v1.0.5 - TryRoom.apk
Pineapple KWGT v4.2 - TryRoom.apk
Pixel Icons v2.3.3 - TryRoom.apk
QuickEdit Text Editor Pro v1.7.1 build 154 - TryRoom.apk
Scalar Pro - Advanced Calculator & Math Scripts v1.1.17 - TryRoom.apk
Shift Work Calendar v7.11.6 - TryRoom.apk
Simple Gallery Pro Photo Manager & Editor v6.16.2 - TryRoom.apk
Simple Scan Pro - PDF scanner v4.4.1 - TryRoom.apk
Skyline KWGT v4.3 - TryRoom.apk
Sliced Icon Pack v1.6.7 - TryRoom.apk
Swift Black Substratum Theme Oreo & Samsung theme v281 - 10Q - TryRoom.apk
Swift Black Substratum Theme Oreo & Samsung theme v281 - Pie - TryRoom.apk
Swift Dark Substratum Theme v281 - Pie - TryRoom.apk
Swift Installer - Themes & color engine v463 - TryRoom.apk
Swift Minimal for Samsung - Substratum Theme v281 - 10Q - TryRoom.apk
Techions Clr v2.0.3 - TryRoom.apk
Visione for KLWP v1.0.0 - TryRoom.apk
WalP Pro - Stock HD Wallpapers v6.3.1.1 - TryRoom.apk
Wave Live Wallpaper v4.0.1 - TryRoom.apk
World News Pro Breaking News, All in One News app v5.6.2 - TryRoom.apk

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Download Instructions:
Size: 714 MB
Format:".rar/.zip" archive.. ".apk" after extracting
Language: English
Hoster: uploadship
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