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Album: Remixed with Love by Dave Lee (Selected Works)
Artist: VA
Genre: Dance
Date: 2021


01. Bourgie', Bourgie' (Dave Lee Super Bourgeosie Mix) (06:21)
02. I Love Music (Dave Lee Sweet Music Mix) (07:35)
03. Can't Let Go (Dave Lee's Elevated Mix) (06:59)
04. You Know How To Love Me (Dave Lee's Extended Disco Mix) (09:57)
05. You Saved My Day (Dave Lee Tell The World Mix) (08:00)
06. Come Go With Me (Dave Lee's Found a Place Mix) (06:29)
07. Music Is My Way of Life (Dave Lee Funk in the Music Mix) (07:50)
08. Taste of Bitter Love (Dave Lee Disco Reblend) (06:36)
09. Message In Our Music (Dave Lee's Philly Words Mix) (08:04)
10. So You Wanna Be a Star (Dave Lee's Disco Reblend) (08:20)
11. I Am Somebody (Dave Lee's Finessed Mix) (06:49)
12. I'm In Love (Dave Lee Tribute Kashif) (06:20)
13. It's Alright With Me (Dave Lee's Extended Disco Mix) (07:01)
14. Stella (Dave Lee Jazz Ride) (06:36)
15. Looking Up to You (Dave Lee's Super Sweet Mix) (05:51)
16. Free (Dave Lee Re-Grooved Mix) (07:37)
17. Going Back to My Roots (Dave Lee Disco Re-Blend) (06:56)
18. Time Waits for No One (Dave Lee Extended Disco Mix) (06:44)
19. Space Princess (Dave Lee Space Goddess Mix) (09:50)
20. You (Dave Lee's Zoned in Mix) (06:05)
21. Groovin' You (Dave Lee Mason's Revenge Mix) (07:37)
22. Here We Go Again (Dave Lee Philly Stomp Mix 2021) (05:54)