Changing Terms and Conditions
epub | 1.47 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B08C36X32K | Author: Barnett, Daniel | Year: 2020


Documents are the backbone of good practice, smoothly-run workplaces, and well-defended employment tribunal claims. They can be as straightforward as jotted-down notes of meetings and succinct bullet points outlining thought processes and proposed action. Underpinning all of this is the standard paperwork that should be at the heart of every organisation: a great set of workplace policies to guide behaviours and decisions, and contracts that bring structure and certainty to the employment relationship.In this book, you'll learn how employers can get to the point of having those protections - and they are protections, not just formalities - in place. From getting new employees on board and signed up, to updating longstanding employment contracts and policies, it's a cradle-to-grave workplace process that takes careful management. Contents include:- - Hiring - When one of you changes your mind - When changes to contract terms might be needed - Flexibility and mobility clauses - Getting the employee's agreement - Imposing changes - Dismissal and rehiring - Making changes post-TUPE - Introducing new policies

Category:Labor & Employment Law, Labor Law, Labor & Employment Law

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