SYNCHRO 4D 2021.2 Pro CONNECT Edition ( | 4.1 Gb 
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Synchro Systems, a bussines Bentley Systems, is pleased to announce the availability of SYNCHRO 2021.2 4D Pro CONNECT Edition ( is an advanced software tool to plan, schedule, and manage construction projects in a 4D environment.

SYNCHRO 4D 2021.2 Release                   
Major features and improvementsfor Cloud-hosted 4D project through SYNCHRO Control    

Forms integration   

-    Creating Forms from selected Tasks - Improved experience to create Forms directly from the selected Tasks, whether it is one or many Tasks. Form subjects are automatically populated based on Task names. Additionally, associated 3D, Resources and Tasks can be automatically captured with Forms created from Tasks- coming soon.   

-    Horizontal Forms layout - Improved user experience with capability to resize Forms grid, and side-by-side Forms grid and details UI. With more space, users are more encouraged to raise Forms directly in SYNCHRO 4D Pro and review Forms and comments from SYNCHRO Control or Field. Creating a closed 4D model feedback loop through Forms across mobile, web and desktop.   

-    Improve loading time for Forms - Performance improvement when working with a lot of Forms, now faster loading Forms when changing Form definition/ type or Refreshing list of Forms.   
- Refresh in Forms not to change Form definition/type - Improving user experience and now preserving same Form type as user refresh list of Forms.   
-    Dates in Forms to follow Time Display format and Language (Options> General in SYNCHRO 4D Pro).   
- Buttons in Forms now have reduced width.   
- Fixed issues with scrollbar and text visibility in Forms.   

iModel integration/4D cloud collaboration   

-    Support for proxy network - Now users who have network traffic going through VPN with proxy service can open Control project from SYNCHRO 4D Pro without any problem. Settings are available in Options> General> HTTP Proxy settings.   

-    Select same value object is enabled for iModel in 3D Properties> User Fields - Allows iModel users to quickly select same value object by 3D user fields.   
-    Copying 3D User Field values using CTRL+C is possible for iModel in 3D Properties> User Fields - Allows iModel users to extract user field values for use elsewhere.   
-    SHIFT+M to switch manipulator when using Edit as assigned on iModel elements - Allows iModel users to take advantage of different manipulators while using Edit as Assign to transform 3D Resources as they are assigned to Tasks.   
-    One click to upgrade 4D cloud-collaboration project from 2020 (v6.3) to 2021 (v6.4) - Uninterrupted and swift upgrade experience without any wait and friction. No more downloading/ uploading .sp to redeploy as newer version. 2020 (v6.3) users will not get disconnected when project is upgraded to 6.4 and can still make changes. Those changes made by 6.3 users are available to 6.4 users who are connected to the project. As soon as any change is made by any 6.4 user, 6.3 users will be disconnected and must upgrade to 6.4 then connect to the project to continue working on it.   

-    Manual re-entering credentials is no longer required in SYNCHRO Control - Previously re-enter credentials are needed after a period to (re)request for approval on necessary permissions when working with 4D cloud-hosted collaboration project through SYNCHRO Control.   


- Update Navisworks plugin to support 2022
- Update Revit plugin to support 2022
-    Revit: Add User Field naming option to better identify Element Properties - Adds option to distinguish parameters in identical names by concatenating additional parameter information when exporting user fields to 4D Pro.   
-    Revit: Support for nested components from Revit - Renamed prevoius option "Export with nested families separately" to export nested components to "Export nested components under host family" with option to "merge nested components" to reduce detailed 3D objects not needed for 4D planning purpose. Adds flexibilty to control 3D hierarchy and level of details when it comes to nested components. Additionally, now always exports two additional user fields "SuperElementID" and "TopSuperElementID" for easier selection of 3D by group if being used in conjunction with "Select same value objects" in 4D Pro.   

- SPX generated by Revit plugin sometimes contain several entities with same external IDs   
- Revit: Some 3D Elements have blank user field in SPX despite having that property assigned in Revit   

Other improvements and fixes

- Task properties link tab over & under display set for Predecessors and Successors windows    

-    Animation export: Performance/Startup and fixes for longer animation export time in 6.4 and compare to 6.3
- Selection of 3D on large model causes Pro to be not responding
- Multiple crashes reported by users on specific models and registry settings
- Synchronize To IFC makes IFC corrupted
- Synchronise from IFC changes coordinates
- Sometimes can rename Task to a symbol when pressing Esc key immediately after Task name is selected   
- When switching between the 3D Path keyframes using arrows the focus time is not snapped accordingly (if the path assigned to a resource group)   
- Scheduler and Viewer do not run, dll's are missing   
- Cannot import Excel   
- Crash on export EVA data to Excel   
- Crash on calculation area   
- Crash on disable anti-aliasing   
- Effects are not applied to animation export unless applied in 3D view   
- Ambient Occlusion is enabled but not applied in AVI preview/export   
- Fast emulation transparency makes some objects completely invisible with double precision   
- Pan tool is not working properly in isometric view   
- Lines are displayed in the wrong place   
- Geometry change color if use DirectX with enable Double rendering.   
- Geometry changes color and texture disappears when zooming in 3D View.   
- Growing simulation does not work after converting units to meters       
SYNCHRO 4D Pro 2021.2 hotfix ( Release

SYNCHRO 4D Pro is an advanced software tool to plan, schedule, and manage construction projects in a 4D environment. Scheduling and planning is critical to safe, efficient, high quality construction. While using 4D, the computer becomes a practice field where sequences, safety, special relationships and more can be viewed and discussed continuously before and throughout the project lifetime. Because SYNCHRO Pro links 3D Resources (human, material, equipment, and space) to the associated schedule tasks, making changes and comparing baselines to alternatives is quick and easy.

Testing sequencing and running "What-if" scenarios is highly efficient and engaging. Communications are crystal clear, because you can see each step in the process. Cooperative knowledge sharing creates innovation and unique approaches that build competitive advantage. The result is an efficient, reliable and safe project delivery process that saves time and money. SYNCHRO Pro integrates with Oracle Primavera and other scheduling software but it is a stand-alone CPM scheduling tool and does not depend on importing schedules from legacy software. Whether you like to see the schedule through the model or see the model through the schedule, the ability to visualize your plan while maintaining its integrity allows project delivery performance to consistently and reliably exceed today's performance standards in an immediate and dramatic way.

SYNCHRO 4D BIM/VDC Construction Project Management

Bentley Systems is a software development company that supports the professional needs of those responsible for creating and managing the world's infrastructure, including roadways, bridges, airports, skyscrapers, industrial and power plants as well as utility networks.

Synchro Software was founded in 2001, with the goal of bringing improvement to the construction industry. It was focused on creating a technology platform to pave the way from lean manufacturing methods to digital planning and production methods.

Bentley acquired Synchro Software in 2018.

Product: SYNCHRO 4D Pro
Version: 2021.2 ( CONNECT Edition *
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :


Languages Supported: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC **
Size: 4.1 Gb

* release info:           SYNCHRO 4D Pro 2021.2 ( CONNECT Edition   
The first tool in the lineup is SYNCHRO 4D Pro (Pro for short). Pro is the main powerhouse for generating 4D models. You would typically start by either creating a construction schedule, within Pro, or importing one from a separate scheduling software. You would then import a 3D model and link the activities in the construction schedule to their corresponding 3D objects in the model.   
Pro communicates well with many scheduling and design software on the market. Applications such as Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, Autodesk products, SketchUp, and many others can be imported into Pro easily. Any changes or updates made over time can be reflected in Pro using the synchronization feature built in.   
SYNCHRO Scheduler 2021.2 ( CONNECT Edition   
4D scheduling combines a 3D model and a project schedule. You can directly link activity bars on a Gantt chart to corresponding elements of a 3D model using SYNCHRO 4D. You can create graphic representations to understand time-based processes, foresee conflicts, and study potential solutions.   
SYNCHRO Open Viewer 2021.2 ( CONNECT Edition   
SYNCHRO Open Viewer allows you to open 4D project files created by others in SYNCHRO Pro. Inspect the schedule in the Gantt chart and 3D view. Play the construction sequence from beginning to end, play a saved animation, or jump to a particular date and time. As the Focused Time marker moves through the 4D project you'll be able to see which tasks are active in the Gantt Chart and the related 3D objects highlighted in the 3D window so you know exactly what's going on when. Zoom in and navigate the model for a 360 view of the project at any stage and anticipate safety hazards in advance. "Practice" the project on your screen before starting work in the field.   
SYNCHRO Revit Plugin 2021.2 (   
The SYNCHRO Pro Plug-in for Revit exports models directly from Revit to .SPX format for data exchange with SYNCHRO Pro.   
SYNCHRO MicroStation Plugin 2021.2 (   
The SYNCHRO Pro Plug-in for MicroStation exports models directly from MicroStation to .SPX format for data exchange with SYNCHRO Pro.   
SYNCHRO Navisworks Plugin 2021.2 (   
The SYNCHRO Pro Plug-in for Navisworks exports models directly from Navisworks to .SPX format for data exchange with SYNCHRO Pro.   
SYNCHRO Modeler CONNECT Edition (   
SYNCHRO Modeler (Modeler for short) is a tool that converts un-constructible models into constructible components. Modeler can easily slice the geometry of a design model, break the model into realistic quantities, and assign cost codes to those quantities based on individual project conditions. Some practical examples would be for slab breaks, bridge decks, or column splices. Modeler retains the geometric information associated with each quantity after it is split. Data such as the volume, length, or area will automatically be generated as the splits are happening. Once the geometry is split and the cost codes are assigned, quantity take-offs can then be generated, and the information can be exported to an Excel sheet. This method of estimating how much a project will cost is based around the design model and the work performed in Modeler can be sent over to Pro to feed more data into the overall 4D model. The user interface in simple and compliments the overall 4D workflow.   
SYNCHRO Link (   
SYNCHRO Link is an API server and Integration API that connects to SYNCHRO Workgroup Project. Applications connect to LINK to get project data and submit changes to a project.   
SYNCHRO Server (   
Synchro PRO Server allows your entire global delivery team to view and edit projects concurrently-in real time. Users with Synchro PRO, Synchro Scheduler or Synchro Open Viewer can all access a project on Synchro PRO Server. Read/write access to all or part of a project is defined at the user level. When a team member edits a project, the update is immediately visible to everyone with access to that project. Multiple people may work at the same time without a loss of information or performance. There is no limit to the number of concurrent users who may access a project on Synchro PRO Server. Operates on any network.