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Title: The Beth Avalanche - In the footsteps of Pietro Giani (2019)
Genres: Documentary
Description: A documentary by Fabio Solimini Giani. The Docufilm opens with the memory of the "big avalanche" of 19 April 1904 in which 81 miners perished. Behind this tragic event there is the important story of an industrial project born in 1860, perhaps the only one of its kind, by Pietro Giani, a well-known entrepreneur of that time. Appointed Knight directly by the King in 1859, Giani left a memorial that tells about the exploitation of the copper mines of Colle Del Beth (2785 m) situated in the Cozie Alps, one of the highest mining sites of Europe.
Director: Fabio Solimini Giani
Writer: Fabio Solimini Giani, Domenico Rosselli
Actors: Graziella Solimini Giani, Maggiorino Passet Gros, Federico Magrì

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