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Title: New York Ninja (2021)
Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller
Description: With the police unable to rid the streets of New York City of the lawless punks and the scum of the earth, John Liu, a grieving local TV station sound technician, finds himself forced to take the law into his own hands. However, as the inconspicuous master of unconventional warfare and assassination slips into his white Shinobi uniform, hell-bent on lowering the crime rate with his razor-sharp katana, the extreme vigilante catches the eye of the dangerous Plutonium Killer and every cut-throat in the region. Now, there is no turning back. Can the fearless New York Ninja become the city's new hero?
Director: John Liu, Kurtis Spieler
Writer: Arthur Schweitzer, John Liu, Kurtis Spieler
Actors: Don Wilson, Michael Berryman, Linnea Quigley