epub | 337.27 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B08QS54CN2 | Author: Anthony James | Year: 2020


Following his capture of the Lavorix warship Gorgadar, Captain Carl Recker knows that that the greatest challenge still lies ahead. The Ancidium is coming, and its arrival promises death and extinction.

However, the Gorgadar is prime amongst the Laws of Ancidium, and its original crew were killed by one of the mysterious weapons it carries. Those weapons might be the only thing which can save humanity - or they may be little more than failed experiments.

With time against him and Earth itself at risk, Recker must discover how to operate the Gorgadar to its fullest potential, while avoiding the fate which befell its crew. 

This will be no easy task - the Ancidium is not the only threat. The Ixidar - the Destroyer - is unleashed and this warship of incredible destructive capability has the power to reduce entire fleets to dust.

Facing just one of these opponents would be enough. Recker never has it so easy. If the Human Planetary Alliance is to survive, he must defeat both, and that seems like an impossible task. Yet, without total victory, humanity's extinction is assured.

Recker's Chance is a traditional-style science fiction action adventure. It is the seventh and final book in the Savage Stars series, following shortly after the events of Empires in Ruin. Expect space combat, ruthless aliens, incredible tech and lots more.

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