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Journal for ten minutes a day, every day, and soon you'll be healthier, happier, and more focused. This book will help you transform your life.

Transformative journaling is a way to organically organize your thoughts and experiences in a positive, more forward thinking direction. Daily journaling will not only help you become the hero(ine) of your story, but studies of brain plasticity have discovered consistent journaling can reduce doctor visits and improve overall health.
This book is about transforming your life, ten minutes a day. 

I consider it [journaling] necessary therapy, and along the way it has yielded insight and lots of creative ideas. Through writing, I have come to an acceptance of my parents (not easy since they hold diametrically opposed views to mine on most issues) and even more important, a better understanding of myself.  I appreciate your generous spirit!
Journaling student, now journaling enthusiast

Category:Mid-Life Management, Stress Management, Stress Management Self-Help

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