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There are a lot of people who don't love to eat their cooked meals immediately. They cook and let it stand for hours before they devour it.

This method of eating actually sounds nice, as it gives you ample time for you to relax after cooking. This practice also helps you to work up an appetite for mealtime.

On the other side of the coin, not all meals can be left alone for a long time before eating. Some meals would lose their flavor and taste after a few minutes of being cooked, but there are some meals that stay just the way, they were prepared hours after they are prepared.

Chutneys fall under the categories of these types of meals. Chutneys are meals that undergo preservation by canning and can be enjoyed at any time you want!

A chutney is a food mix that is gotten from grinding or blitzing different complementary food ingredients together.

Chutney ingredients can include but are not limited to nuts, yogurts, vegetables, meats, seafood, spices, chilies, fruits, herbs, etc. Chutneys can come in different textures such as smooth or chunky, and they can be served as appetizers, main dishes, or desserts!

Enough said about chutneys, let's delve into preparing chutneys right in our homes, with the help of this amazing chutney canning and preserving recipe books!

Are you ready to start canning? Then get a copy of this recipe book immediately, and let the canning begin!!!

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