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Title: IT'S VUCA: The Secret to Living in the 21st Century (2022)
Genres: Documentary
Description: We are living in an age of exponentially, accelerating compounding change that bombards us everyday with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, fear, anxiety and distrust. And there is a name for it: "IT'S VUCA". But, VUCA is not just the problem, it is also the solution. This film is a journey to discover the answers to "what you are going through" and to help you overcome the overwhelm and thrive in VUCA - TODAY and TOMORROW. Featuring some of the world's greatest VUCA experts: Generals, elite Navy SEALs, Delta force commanders, Blue Angels pilots, 10x NY Times best-selling authors, leadership gurus, business professionals, world-renowned futurists, Think Tank wizards, neuroscientists, cognitive therapists, philosophers, high-level thought leaders, and other VUCA masters. You'll learn that you can FLIP THE SCRIPT on VUCA to attain vision, understanding, clarity, adaptability, anti-fragile resilience, and courage to achieve your greatest dreams and untold abundance.
Director: Chris Nolan
Writer: Chris Nolan, Michael Schindler
Actors: Michael Schindler, Keri Schindler, Taylor Schindler