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Title: It's a Gift (1934)
Genres: Comedy
Description: The owner of a general store (Harold Bisonette) is hounded by his status-anxious wife ("That's 'Bee-soh-nay'" and "I have no maid you know"). To get some sleep he goes out on the porch where he is tormented by a little boy from the floor above (Baby Dunk) and an insurance salesman down below ("LaFong. Capital L, small a..."). He uses an inheritance to buy an orange ranch through the mail, then drives off with his family for California. The orange grove consists of a withered tree, the ranch house is but a shack, and the car falls to pieces. But a racetrack operator wants the land, so all ends happily.
Director: Norman Z. McLeod
Writer: Jack Cunningham, J.P. McEvoy, W.C. Fields
Actors: W.C. Fields, Kathleen Howard, Jean Rouverol