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Just a minute before you leave home, you are busy in searching for your car keys, or you forgot where you last time keep your pen. Do you often face these types of circumstances?

Do you forget names, telephone numbers, or digits? This happens because of weak memory. We forgot things. Human memory is an organ used to save, recall, and remember information. Everybody wants to have a photographic memory, and people want to learn things quickly. In this competitive world, people face a shortage of time people want to do more things in less time to achieve their goals quickly. You can now solve your memory problems with the help of this guidebook. You can improve your memory by applying simple tricks and techniques mentioned in this book. After reading this book, you will know.

[*]         The formation of memory: encoding, storing and retrieval of information     

[*]         Stages of memory     

[*]         Theories about memory     

[*]         Tricks of improving your learning skills     

[*]         Strategies to improve your memory     

[*]         Mnemonic devices to help you remember things.     

[*]         Brain activities and exercises to improve your memory     

[*]         The diet you should take to boost your memory.     

All this valuable information in one book isn't amazing. Start today to improve your memory.

Quickly grab your book to help yourself and boost your memory.

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