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Learn how to channel your unique Soul Language Energy for powerful life transformation. (30 Day Course)

What you'll learn
Light Language
Connecting with your Spirit Guides
Changing your habits and patterns through Light Language
Experience with meditation would be helpful
In the beginning, was the in motion. It begins the process of creation. Just like abstract art, and free-form dance, aspects of our full nature need the freedom to explore outside of boundaries and set structures.As you unlock the Light Languages of your can begin to create a new life aligned with your soul. It is your time to go deep, deep into the sovereign truth of your eternal being and bring that gift into this life.*NOTE - The Udemy "Course Includes" section does not show the additional 4+ Hours of Audio Content that is included (Meditations & Teachings). Do you feel that you've always been isolated, disengaged, and held back in expressing who and what you really are? Has life felt bland and mundane and you are ready to feel so much more?Do you feel like you are from another planet or reality and have trouble expressing and sharing yourself in this world? Do you feel like there are deeper levels of your soul that you wish to express and share in the world? Are you struggling to integrate what's really within you into modern life?Have you felt the call of your eternal spirit ready to break free from limitations?Have you been experiencing unexplainable spiritual experiences? Are you seeking a way to bring more of your spirituality, intuition, gifts, and inner soul out into the world?Is something ancient stirring at the core of your heart? Do you feel like there is something MUCH MORE to life, but not quite sure what it is?Are your spirit guides trying to connect with you deeper? Are you ready to connect with your spirit guides in your daily life?Do you wish to take your connections and experiences in relationships to a deeper level?Qi Elan sila lumenn omentielvo.This training is for those who are ready to open the healing power and magic of their own soul's Light Language. This is a gift of your soul's multi-dimensional connection. The process to unlock this blessing has been lost to time, yet these secrets are ready for you to learn!Light Language, Soul Language, or even what's known as "Speaking in Tongues", is the ability to let go of the logical mind and allow the wisdom of your soul and the Divine to express through you.In this Light Language training, you will receive both a conscious understanding of how the soul's Light Language works and receive powerful healing activation practices to begin the unlocking process within yourself. Aaron's unique multi-dimensional gifts and his personal spiritual journey have allowed him to see the blockages that have created the restrictions preventing the expression of Light Language. Through the specific process in this class, you will clear those restrictions, allowing you to experience your Light Language and its power to create the life of your dreams!Light language is a powerful gift that allows you to express energies that are beyond what current human languages can express. Just like it's impossible to capture the full beauty of the infinite cosmos in words, the majesty of your soul can't be fully captured in human languages. There is an incredible amount of energy, light, and power waiting within you to express in the world. Opening Light Language unlocks your soul's ability to FULLY express itself into your life. It is your unique gift to yourself and the world! Now is the time to bring forth all that you REALLY ARE. This is my invitation to your spirit, your dreams, your heart, your powerful self to shine fully into this world. The world needs you fully present with all of your gifts.Opening the world of Light Language assists you with:Gain clarity and understanding of your life's purposeStrengthening your confidence and courage to make radical changes for a fulfilled lifeDeepening all relationships through deeper emotional expression and energetic connectionUnlocking the expression and power of your Divine Truth, thus creating powerful transformational experiences in every conversationClearing the unconscious restrictions that are preventing you from living the life you dream ofAccessing more of your multidimensional intuition, gifts, and inner wisdomTapping more deeply into the moment and your ability to be fully presentReprogram your current reality by bringing in soul codes into any experienceBreak free from programmed life and make clear decisions in alignment with the majesty of your soulCreating powerful emotional state shifts (i.e. moving from Depressed to Connected, sadness to joy)Connect, integrate, and embody your higher self for rapid evolutionReprogram habits, beliefs, fears, and pain that have been creating stagnation and limitation in your lifePurifying and expanding your energy channels for more life force and vitality in your bodyUnleashing your superhuman creativityAmplifying your ability to support others healing and transformationIn this course you'll learn:What is Light Language, how it works, and what it means.How to activate your Light Language.About the different spiritual worlds and beings.About your guardian spirit.How to connect with spirit beings from different dimensions.How to speak light languages from the different spiritual worlds.How to access and open the Light Languages within you for your personal healing and opening of others.When to use Light Language.How to integrate it into your lifeIn this course you'll receive:Healing activations to clear the programs which are preventing you from speaking Light Language.Energetic spirit codes to reconnect you with your full capacity.Meditations and instructions on how to connect with your spirit guides.Meditations and instructions on how to connect with your guardian spirit.Practices to open your voice and allow Light Language to come through.Course Includes:Access to our Facebook Community Group to share & meet others.Lectures about Light Language.3 Specifically designed energy clearing & activations to open your system to receive Light Language.Lectures and outline of the dimensions of spirit beings (i.e. Angels, Dragons, Fairies & Nature Spirits, Ascended Beings, Star Beings, Elves, Deities, Crystal Spirits, Ancestors, and more).Guided meditations to access spiritual dimensions.Guided meditation to connect with your Guardian Spirit.Guided meditation to channel your spirit guides through and activate your Light Language.Practices and tips to support the opening of your voice (physically and energetically)Divine Activation Invocation - Daily Practice2021 - Light Language Overview & UpdatesAudio Meditations & Teachings Included :Journaling (Length = 2.37) Light Language Healing Meditation (Length = 18.18)Light Language Activation Healing #1 (Length = 15.48)Light Language Activation Healing #2 (Length = 19.04)Meditation - Accessing Dimensions through the Tree of Life (Length = 32.04)Teaching - Guardian Spirit Introduction (Length = 5.3)Meditation - Connecting to Guardian Spirit Final (Length = 21.48)Teaching - Channeling Meditation Introduction Talk (Length = 4.54)Meditation - Channeling Through You (Length = 21.45)Light Language can be integrated and used with:Energy & Spiritual healingCeremony & RitualMusicRelationship connectionsConnecting with NaturePersonal Empowerment and Spiritual DevelopmentStrengthening your VoiceShifting Energy & Vibrational Experience~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Many are talking about freedom these days, yet few realize the thousands of years of subjugation imposed through our language. Humanity's languages, while beautiful, only express one frequency of our soul. These languages are woven into ego, mind, linear time, and separation. They cannot express the multidimensional soul that is waiting to be embodied here and now. Light Language, or Soul Language, is the uninhibited expression of your soul's holographic intelligence and power flowing through you into this world. A whole new level of freedom, connection, and transformational power is waiting within you. Your guide, Aaron Pyne, has been given the gift of Light Language through a variety of ancient teachings and activations from the spiritual realms. Aaron was guided to help others who are ready to begin their process. In this online Light Language course, Aaron guides you through the intellectual understanding, inner transformation, activations, and sequences necessary to unlock this gift within you.
Section 1: Introduction - Day 1
Lecture 1 What is Light Language & Common Questions
Lecture 2 Vocal Support - How to take care of your voice
Lecture 3 Divine Activation Invocation - Daily Practice
Lecture 4 2021 - Light Language Overview & Updates
Section 2: 12 Dimensions & Journalling Practice - Day 2
Lecture 5 Journaling
Lecture 6 The Dimensions of Spirit Beings
Section 3: Light Language Healing & Activations - Days 3-11
Lecture 7 Section Description
Lecture 8 Light Language Healing Meditation - Day 3 & 4
Lecture 9 Light Language Activation Healing Meditation #1 - Day 6 & 7
Lecture 10 Light Language Activation Healing Meditation #2- Day 9 & 10
Section 4: Connecting to the Realms & Channeling Meditations - Days 12- 27
Lecture 11 Light Language Physical Guidance - Day 12, 13, & 14
Lecture 12 Introduction to Guided Meditations - Day 15
Lecture 13 Meditation - Connect to the Spirit Dimensions (Tree of Life) - Day 15-19
Lecture 14 Lecture - Connect with Your Guardian Spirit - Day 20
Lecture 15 Meditation - Connect wtih Your Guardian Spirit - Day 20-22
Lecture 16 Lecture -Channeling Meditation Introduction Talk - Day 23
Lecture 17 Meditation to Channel Spirit Beings Through You Day 23-27
Section 5: Continued Practice/Tips/Tricks/Flow
Lecture 18 Reprogramming Your Life with Light Language - Day 28
Lecture 19 Light Language - Final tips, practice and integration - Day 28
Lecture 20 Closing Video - Day 30
Lecture 21 Bonus Resources
Energy Healers,Spiritual Musicians,Spiritual Seekers,Mystics,Individuals that have begun to have spiritually opening experiences and want to understand and deepen them



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