How To Make Money As A Realtor Without Ad Spend
Published 9/2022
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Learn how to generate business without traditional marketing
What you'll learn
Understand how to get your license and get started
Understand how to take a transaction to close
Learn how to generate clients without spending money on ads or cold calling
Understand how to expand your business
No Experience Needed
This course will show you:-How to get your sales license and what resources you will need to get started-The types and steps of a real estate transaction: Lease & Sale-The contacts and skills you will need to bring a deal to close-HOW TO GET YOUR FIRST CLIENT W NO AD SPEND-Case Study of what your first deal could look like-Proof of my success using these methods-Extra: Airbnb Investment Analysis Model In my first few months as an agent, I started to understand lead generation was integral to the business. Outside of what my brokerage was giving me, I was having trouble generating leads but I wanted to close more deals. I knew I had to get in front of people who needed my services and I didn't have the money to pay for advertising at the time.In this course I am going to show you how I made thousands of dollars in commission and how you can do it too, without having to pay for ads.If you're already licensed please skip to section 2 of this course to go over the steps of a real estate transaction, if you think you have that covered as well skip to section 3 to get into how I was able to get clients without spending money on ads and how you can reproduce my processAs an extra I've included my Airbnb investment analysis spreadsheet to download with a quick tutorial at the end
Section 1: How To Get Started As A Realtor
Lecture 1 Getting Licensed
Section 2: Understanding Transactions
Lecture 2 Software and Contacts
Lecture 3 Steps of a Transactions
Section 3: Finding Your First Client
Lecture 4 How To Get Your First Client
Section 4: Working Your First Deal
Lecture 5 First Client Case Study
Section 5: Expansion and About Me!
Lecture 6 What's Next?
Section 6: Extra: Airbnb Analysis Model
Lecture 7 Airbnb Investment Analysis
New Realtors,Prospective Realtors,Realtors who wants more leads