Published 11/2022
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Turn YouTube Into a Full Time Income WITHOUT Even Showing Your Face or Recording a Video By Yourself!
What you'll learn
How to create, grow and monetize any YouTube Channel without even showing your face or without recording any video.
My Secret SEO strategies which helps me to make a Millionaire with YouTube Automation at the age of 21.
How to manipulate your video title, so that YouTube start suggesting your videos in Suggestion Box.
How to choose Best Automation Niches.
Zeal to learn and earn
Internet Access
A PC or Laptop Or Smartphone
This course covers everything you need to know about YouTube Automation, fromDiscovering what to make your channel aboutPlanning your channelBranding strategy for your channelHow to uploadWhat to uploadHow to use the best tags and titles to get more viewsHow to get more subscribersSecret SEO StrategiesWhat makes the most moneyAutomation SystemsThe complete guide from A-Z for everything you need to know, all in one place for YouTube. Become a YouTube Business Owner Today! Plus, handy sheets to fill out on your way through the course so by the end of the course you'll have a complete pack of what your videos should be about, look like and guides to follow so your videos and channel is a huge success.This course covers everything from the basics to advanced analytics and looking into the algorithm (what makes YouTube share your content) for a complete understanding of YouTube.You'll mainly learn Step by Step Process To FULLY AUTOMATE in order to pump out video ridiculously fast.How to outsource this entire business (if you want to - you don't have to), as well.Also you'll get the chance to Join my Private Discord Community where many creative minds share their knowledge on the same.Enroll today. See you thereHarsh
Section 1: Module 1
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Frequently Asked Questions
Lecture 3 Course Overview
Section 2: Module 2
Lecture 4 Basic Terminologies In YouTube
Lecture 5 Example Channels In YouTube Automation & Few Tips
Lecture 6 Why To Do YouTube Automation?
Lecture 7 What is YouTube Automation and How It Works?
Section 3: Module 3
Lecture 8 Revenue Streams In YouTube Automation
Lecture 9 Mistakes to Avoid In YouTube Automation
Lecture 10 How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work?
Lecture 11 Best YouTube Automation Niches
Lecture 12 Topic and Keyword Research
Section 4: Module 4
Lecture 13 How to Create A YouTube Channel
Lecture 14 How to Make A YouTube Video & Content Elements
Lecture 15 My Secret SEO Strategies
Lecture 16 Pro Tips To Work At Cheap Prices
Lecture 17 Tips For Getting More and More Views
Section 5: Module 5
Lecture 18 Setting Up The YouTube Automation Systems
Lecture 19 Happy and Sweet Ending
Anyone who want to create YouTube as their side or full time income without doing anything, without showing your face.