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Published 3/2023
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Supplier Quality Audit include Plastic Injection Molding quality Process audit checklist

Free Download What you'll learn
Understand the Plastic Injection Molding process control
Conduct Quality Process Audit for Plastic Injection Molding Process
Apply key process control to Plastic Injection molding process
Minimize potential failure associated to plastic molding process
Achieve consistently good quality product in plastic injection molding process
Have some understanding on plastic injection molding process
Do you know that the plastic parts or polymer material you see in almost every item, from household items to aerospace and medical devices, are produced through a complex process called plastic injection molding?Although plastic injection molding seems simple, it requires precise control and setup, especially when producing highly precise parts for sophisticated applications in electronic gadgets, automobiles, and other industries. The process involves melting plastic pellets, injecting them into a mold, and cooling to obtain workpieces of desired shape and size.Since plastic injection molding is done in batches, it is crucial to have a good process setup and control to avoid producing a whole batch of bad products. That's why I have created a course based on my experience of working with over 100 manufacturers and suppliers globally in mechanical process control.In this course, you will learn about the basics of metal stamping and its process control and quality audit. You will also get a quality audit checklist with 116 questions, covering all the process control points in a plastic injection molding process. The checklist is designed based on my experience and the expertise of subject matter experts in stamping process and quality process audit from all the previous companies I served.By taking this course, you will uncover all the secrets of process control in plastic injection molding, machine, mold, and how to monitor process output to achieve consistently good quality products. In any business, consistent good quality parts are the king. So why wait? Join now and take your plastic injection molding and supplier quality audit skills to the next level!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Module 1 Plastic Injection Molding Process
Lecture 2 Module 1 Plastic Injection Molding Process
Section 3: Module 2. Molding tooling
Lecture 3 Module 2. Molding tooling
Section 4: Module 3. Plastic Injection Molding Quality Process Audit Check list
Lecture 4 Module 3. Plastic Injection Molding Quality Process Audit Check list
Section 5: Module 4. Plastic Injection Molding Incoming Material Control
Lecture 5 Module 4. Plastic Injection Molding Incoming Material Control
Section 6: Module 5. Plastic Injection Molding quality process audit
Lecture 6 Module 5. Plastic Injection Molding Process Control
Section 7: Module 6. Conclusion and Summarhy
Lecture 7 Module 6. Conclusion and Summary
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