XEntry OpenShell 2021.12.04 Multilingual | 97.3 GB
Assembly features:
Windows 11Pro English, Multilingual, based on English by default, you can change to any.
The operating rules of the OS have been changed to increase the speed of loading and work in general, all Microsoft restrictions have been removed, all Microsoft tracking systems have been disabled. The system quickly tosses and turns even on weak PCs without an SSD.
Bootloader MBR (Lega˝y). Be sure to select boot into Legacy BIOS
The assembly is fully functional and completely "broken" but will ask for keys for XDOS, Vediamo, Monaco and EWA
How to activate?
1. Download activators for this assembly, information and links will be inside the assembly.
2. Ask me to activate remotely through Teamviewer (for donations)
3. Activate yourself with any publicly available activator (free)
Xentry OpenShell 2021.12.04
DAS (Offline programming + all known fixes for December 2021 have been
applied ) HHTWIN (launched without virtualization as the original HHT), all connections with DAS work, fully functional. Works with SD Connect C4 over LAN connection.
WIS 10.2020 (Datakart and all communications with Xentry / DAS are working)
EPC 11.2018 (Datakart and all communications with Xentry / DAS are working).
EWA Password: 12345678, Login: admin
DTS Monaco 8.16.015
Vediamo 5.01.01
Starfinder 2016 ETM
Starfinder 2020 (Electronic Component Locations Only)
P / S / Inside the image, you will also find links to resume to the rest of the software required for work

Year / Date of Release : 2021.12
Version : 2021.12.04
System requirements : Core2Duo, 4Gb RAMM, HDD 240Gb
Interface language : Multilingual (Russian is present)
Tablet : absent


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