Free Download Disney Character Creation In Maya
Published 6/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 7.57 GB | Duration: 9h 9m
We will be creating a character for animation, using reference images.

What you'll learn
Character modeling
UV unwraping
Texturing and materials
Hair creation with Xgen
Render in arnold
Maya interface
Basic maya tools(Move,Rotate,Scale,Extrude,Bevel)
The course is designed for individuals who want to learn character modeling for animation. The training is provided in video format. We will go through the stages of modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, material application, and also learn to work with Xgen (a system for creating realistic hair in Maya). Finally, we will create a high-quality render of the model using Arnold.On the modeling stage we will learn -how to upload and install reference images on scene-topology principles-different body parts modeling techniques UV unwrapping stage -we will learn how to manually unwrap character modelsSince i think that retopology is an integral part of working with characters , we will also dedicate time to exploring the tools for creating retopology in Maya, using a specific example.We will learn to use complex materials in Maya and create textures to connect to them.We will thoroughly examine and learn how to work with the Xgen system, and we will also create a hairstyle for our character using it.After all of that, we will set up the scene for rendering. This includes creating a backdrop, setting up lights and cameras, adjusting their settings, adding atmospheric effects such as fog, and ultimately producing a stunning render for our portfolio.
Section 1: Modeling
Lecture 1 Settings
Lecture 2 Reference installation
Lecture 3 2d mask
Lecture 4 3d mask
Lecture 5 Fixes
Lecture 6 Head
Lecture 7 Tamples
Lecture 8 Neck
Lecture 9 Eyes
Lecture 10 Eyelids
Lecture 11 Nose
Lecture 12 Lips
Lecture 13 Mouth
Lecture 14 Teeth
Lecture 15 Ears
Lecture 16 Face fixes
Lecture 17 Torso
Lecture 18 Legs
Lecture 19 Arms
Lecture 20 Torso fixes
Lecture 21 Gloves base
Lecture 22 Cleanup
Lecture 23 Boots
Lecture 24 Suit
Lecture 25 Suit-2
Lecture 26 Glove details
Lecture 27 Braclet
Section 2: Retopology
Lecture 28 Retopo1
Lecture 29 Retopo2
Lecture 30 Lashes
Section 3: UV mapping
Lecture 31 UV-1
Lecture 32 UV-2
Section 4: Materials and textures
Lecture 33 Materials-1
Lecture 34 Materials-2
Lecture 35 Materials-3
Lecture 36 Textures
Lecture 37 Backpack
Section 5: Xgen
Lecture 38 Xgen preparation
Lecture 39 Xgen basics
Lecture 40 Modificators-1
Lecture 41 Modificators-2
Lecture 42 Haircut
Lecture 43 Haircut-2
Lecture 44 Hair preview
Lecture 45 Hair material
Section 6: Render
Lecture 46 Backdrop
Lecture 47 Light
Lecture 48 Render
Lecture 49 Render results
Section 7: Outtro
Lecture 50 Outtro
Beginner 3d artists


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