Free Download Learn Chatgpt 4.0 Practical Ai Course For Beginners
Published 6/2023
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Master ChatGPT for daily life, study, work, and business. Practical, relatable examples for everyone included

What you'll learn
You will get to know what ChatGPT is and how to utilize it.
You will learn the differences between ChatGPT 3.5 and 4.0 versions.
You will explore practical examples of using ChatGPT in everyday life, in education, at university, at work, and in business.
You will learn to write effective queries.
You will discover ways to make money using ChatGPT.
You will learn to create digital products (videos, courses, texts).
You will facilitate your daily work.
You will save a lot of time (and possibly money).
You don't need any prior experience. All you need is a desire to learn!
Welcome! You are about to dive into a comprehensive knowledge base about the ChatGPT tool. This is a course from absolute basics. My goal is to present you with practical and useful knowledge. It's designed for beginners who want to explore the potential of artificial intelligence in practice. Each topic is discussed using example queries. There will be no boring, theoretical lectures. During each video, you'll be able to follow along on your screen and compare results.By taking this course:You will learn what ChatGPT is and how to use itYou will understand the differences between ChatGPT 3.5 and 4.0 versionsYou'll see practical examples of using ChatGPT in everyday life, in education, at university, at work, and in businessYou'll learn to write effective queriesYou will discover ways to make money using ChatGPTYou will learn to create digital products (videos, courses, texts)You will facilitate your daily workYou'll save a ton of time (and possibly money)How is it possible to pack so much information into this course? I'm applying my valuable experience from training sessions that I've been conducting regularly since 2018. I strive to present information in a clear, understandable, interesting, yet effective manner. Each episode of my course covers a specific topic. The material is divided into sections to ensure effective learning. After all, this isn't my first rodeo. I invite you to join this journey with ChatGPT!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Who am I and what will the course look like?
Lecture 2 What is ChatGPT?
Section 2: First contact with ChatGPT
Lecture 3 Registration and login
Lecture 4 Overview of the interface - how to use it?
Lecture 5 Free and paid version - is it worth paying?
Lecture 6 Problems you are may to encounter
Lecture 7 Limitations
Lecture 8 First chat
Lecture 9 What questions to ask, what to avoid?
Section 3: The use of ChatGPT in everyday life, for pupils and students
Lecture 10 Help with homework
Lecture 11 A personal teacher who will explain (almost) everything
Lecture 12 Automatic translator
Lecture 13 A chat bot in a foreign language
Lecture 14 Presentations, speeches
Lecture 15 Work planning - e.g. for student projects
Lecture 16 Improvement of the written text
Lecture 17 Making personal decisions (e.g. in financial matters)
Lecture 18 ChatGPT as a nutritionist
Lecture 19 Poems
Lecture 20 Stories, fairy tales
Lecture 21 Preparing for a job interview
Section 4: ChatGPT for salespeople, in marketing
Lecture 22 Creating advertising content
Lecture 23 Creating blog posts
Lecture 24 SEO optimization
Lecture 25 Create automatic answers to frequently asked questions
Lecture 26 Personalization of the sales offer
Lecture 27 Market analysis (in the future)
Section 5: ChatGPT in social medias
Lecture 28 Post on blogs ideas
Lecture 29 YouTube Video Ideas
Lecture 30 Film scripts
Section 6: ChatGPT in IT
Lecture 31 Code creation
Lecture 32 Explaining and improving the code
Lecture 33 Technical support - answering questions (in the future)
Section 7: Make money with ChatGPT
Lecture 34 Creating promotional texts
Lecture 35 YouTube
Lecture 36 Amazon
Lecture 37 Freelancing
Lecture 38 What's next? How to use it?
Section 8: Good luck!
Lecture 39 Good luck using ChatGPT!
Beginners who want to understand artificial intelligence (AI),Students and pupils,Programmers looking to use AI,Salespeople, marketing staff,Freelancers


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